Building God's house and growing His kingdom


worshipping god in the freedom of the holy spirit

clear, accurate teaching from the whole bible which produces sound doctrine; encountering jesus in scripture.

prayer and intercession


  • Ministering with the gifts of the Spirit in operation
  • Benevolence and ministry to the poor, widows, orphans, and hurting
  • Ministering the love of Jesus to the sick and hurting by praying for healing and looking for God to provide signs and wonders


  • Discipleship - Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and the raising up of mature Christian disciples and servant leaders

  • Generational - Raising up the emerging generation to carry the torch of the faith forward from generation to generation until Jesus returns

  • Evangelistic Outreach - Reaching the unsaved and un-churched with the Gospel in our community, our region, our nation, and the nations


  • Building relationships together within the local church body
  • Unity within the whole Body of Christ and relationship with other local churches

Regional Influence

  • Praying for our region and releasing prosperity
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial creativity and excellence in our greater community


  • As a congregation, we stand with God's historic purposes in and through His chosen people - Israel. We recognize that we, as Gentile believers in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, have been graciously grafted into the olive tree which is Israel (Rom. 11:11-24)

  • We commit to continue prayer and intercession for the salvation of the Jewish people and their acceptance of Jesus as their Messiah and King.